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Lexikon: basic leasing period (Laufzeit)

Due to the provisions of the decrees ?Leasingerlasse? of the Ministry of Finance of 1971 and 1975, possible leasing periods are precisely defined. As a result the term of a lease must be between 90% and 40% of the statutory regular useful life (depreciation) for a full amortization contract as well as for a partial amortization contract.

The service life according to the currently valid Afa-table (as of 01.01.2001) for new passenger cars is 6 years. This results in possible leasing periods of between 29 and 64 months. However, the term of a leasing contract should also be considered dependent on the vehicle and the user, since wear, maintenance costs and the manufacturer?s model cycle should also be taken into account when choosing the leasing period.

As interest rates are noticeably unfavourable for longer time periods X-Leasing GmbH offers contracts of between 29 and 48 months. A renewal can always be negotiated.

Since the rules of the useful life only apply to new cars other time periods are possible in second -hand car leasing.
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