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commercial leasing

"Whether it is in the form of equity or credit, money can only be spent once", at least according to the banks. Leasing is the perfect way to spread out a financial burden. Due to the (usually) 100% object-specific leasing financing of investment goods, you, the lessee, can conserve equity. As a result, equity remains at your disposal for those investments that cannot be leased.

What is more, leasing fees can be claimed in full as operating expenses for tax purposes. In addition to that there are no investment-related taxes on leasing objects. This means that your money remains where it belongs: within the company.

Under certain circumstances the down payment can be deducted as operating expenditure in the first year. Talk to your customer service representative.

But there is yet another reason why leasing plays such an important role in the German economy. The leasing companies act as intermediaries between you, the entrepreneur, and the banks. Due to internal and external guidelines and margin requirements banks are often no longer able to operate their traditional lending business. As an independent leasing-company X-Leasing was independent from banks. Profit from our 20 year long experiance which we can use as a facilitator for your leasing needs with our leasing-partners. Now you can take care of your company again while X-Leasing takes care of your leasing.
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Kundenmeinung: Willi Blam
[...] wir hatten jede Menge Spaß und sind immer noch mega geflasht von den atemberaubenden Fahrten, war megahammer geil!!
Kundenmeinung: Maria Dimulatu
Die Beratung, derr Verkauf und der Vertragsabschluss waren HERVORRAGEND!
Kundenmeinung: Renate Friedrich
Sehr professioneller und angenehmer Service beim Gebrauchtwagenleasing. Ausgezeichnete Beratung durch Herrn Kloss.
Kundenmeinung: Günter Sterlike
Besten Dank für die schon langjährige Unterstützung beim Leasing unserer Firmenfahrzeuge. Die reibungslose Abwicklung des Oldtimerleasings ist natürlich auch zu erwähnen. Auf eine weiterhin gute Zusammenarbeit!