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In Germany a large percentage of company cars are leased. Leasing in Germany is legally and fiscally ranked between financing and rental. The following pages are a collection of information to explain some important facts of leasing in Germany and through X-Leasing in particular.

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Info: commercial leasing

Leasing is the perfect way to spread out a financial burden. Due to the (usually) 100% object-specific leasing financing of investment goods, you, the lessee, can conserve equity.

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Lexikon: basic leasing period (Laufzeit)

Due to the provisions of the decrees ?Leasingerlasse? of the Ministry of Finance of 1971 and 1975, possible leasing periods are precisely defined.

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Lexikon: credit checks (Bonitätsprüfung)

Credit institutions such as banks or leasing companies perform checks on their customers? credit worthiness before agreeing to a loan. Normally this is done by obtaining information from their customers? bank or the German credit data agency ?SCHUFA?. Such checks are a must for any reputable leasing company.

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Lexikon: down-payment (Mietsonderzahlung)

This special rental or leasing surcharge is a down payment on the purchase price of the car and is due before the start of the leasing contract. This down payment reduces the amount to be financed and thus also the monthly leasing rate.

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Lexikon: economic property (wirtschaftliches Eigentum)

In accordance with tax law, the beneficial owner of a property is the person who holds effective control over a property over its normal useful life.

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Lexikon: leasing from abroad

Due to differences in tax legislation, lease transactions are unfortunately only possible if you have a German residency and a German bank account.

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Lexikon: residual value contract (Restwertvertrag)

There are two different types of contract, mileage and residual value. Residual value contracts define the final value of the vehicle at the end of the contract irrespective of the miles travelled and the state of the vehicle. This predefined value must be realized at the end of the contract and is guaranteed by the customer.

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