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Lexikon: residual value contract (Restwertvertrag)

There are two different types of contract, mileage and residual value. Residual value contracts define the final value of the vehicle at the end of the contract irrespective of the miles travelled and the state of the vehicle. This predefined value must be realized at the end of the contract and is guaranteed by the customer.

If a higher amount can be realized the lessee will receive 75% and the leasing company 25% of the proceeds. This division was defined in the ?Partial Amortization Decree? of the Federal Minister of Finance of 22.12.1975. Since the residual value agreed on in the contract is an essential part in the calculation of the lease, this of course also affects the leasing company?s consideration of the inherent contractual risk.

The long-term experience of X-Leasing ensures that a realistic residual value is agreed upon in your contract

More than 14 years of experience have shown that it is counterproductive to lure a customer with a favourable leasing rate and then annoy him at the end of the contract. We think through each contract right to the end, because your experience at the end of the contract is the best advertisement for your next contract with X-Leasing.
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